Norwegian Elkhound Association of America


The NEAA Yearbook is the only publication that chronicles the current state of our breed. Published every two years, concurrently with the NEAA National Specialty Show, the yearbook compiles statistics, records of accomplishments, pedigrees, and breed history. Each section of the book highlights our breed’s achievements and participation in conformation, versatility, and performance.  The yearbook is a valuable tool in researching current and past winners of our wonderful breed. We hope that it serves as a useful tool in continuing to improve our breed by not only showing the current and past champions, but also offspring and siblings to those champions.  

By showcasing dogs who have achieved titles in conformation, performance, and companion events, the yearbook provides valuable information to those interested in maintaining and improving the essential characteristics of the breed. Dogs and their owners who are committed to reaching the highest levels of accomplishment should be held in the highest regard.  Evaluation of historical accomplishments can play a valuable role in the enhancement of the breed. 

For those just beginning their journey into the wonderful world of the Norwegian Elkhounds, the Yearbook will be a resource to see the history of their particular companion and learn more about the breed.