Norwegian Elkhound Association of America

Breed Mentor Program

(Amended 01/26/10)

Program description: Breed mentors are breeders of Norwegian Elkhounds who are willing to teach prospective judges about the breed in preparation to judge Norwegian Elkhounds. Speakers are those approved to be breed mentors who also may conduct NEAA approved seminars.

Mentors: The following minimum criteria must be met before an individual requests consideration and approval by the Board:

  • Current NEAA member in good standing
  • Breed involvement for a minimum of fifteen years after obtaining his/her original Norwegian Elkhound
  • Bred a minimum of five litters
  • Finished at least five AKC champions from a minimum of three consecutive generations of Norwegian Elkhounds where they are the breeder of record

Approved Mentors will be listed on the NEAA website. Mentors may only participate in ringside critiquing for NEAA approved judge’s seminars. Mentors must adhere to the following Mentor Code when acting in the capacity of NEAA mentor:

  • Have thorough knowledge and acceptance of the breed standard as written
  • Critique dogs based on positive traits as stated in the Norwegian Elkhound Standard
  • Have knowledge and acceptance of the Judge’s Resource for the Norwegian Elkhound as the material supported by the NEAA
  • Refrain from using any dog for mentoring purposes that the Mentor is actively campaigning or plans to actively campaign
  • Refrain from critiquing Elkhounds being campaigned in the Top 10 of our breed

A Mentor who disregards the mentor code may be removed from the Mentor list by a vote of the Board. Outside of NEAA activities, a good Mentor will use the Mentor Code as a guideline in all interactions that reflect on the Norwegian Elkhound breed.

Mentors are encouraged to actively participate in providing suggestions about judges education to the Education Committee and/or the 30/7 Committee.

Speakers: All Speakers must meet the criteria of a Mentor and adhere to the Mentor Code. Requests to attain Speaker status must be submitted by the individual to the Vice President for a recommendation for consideration and approval by the Board.

Approved Speakers will be listed on the NEAA website. Only Speakers will be considered as presenters at an NEAA approved judge’s seminar. Speakers must agree to the following:

  • Use NEAA Approved Judge’s Education Materials (including the Judge’s Resource for the Norwegian Elkhound); any additional materials used must not be in conflict with the NEAA materials and may not contain dogs currently being campaigned
  • References to names of dogs or owners/handlers/breeders/kennel names must be avoided
  • Adhere directly to the language of the standard rather than the Speaker/Mentor’s interpretation of the Standard
  • Dogs used for mock judging or hands-on demonstration should not be currently campaigning; discretion should be used in choosing dogs for the demonstrations so as not to suggest any sense of impropriety
  • Present only at Norwegian Elkhound judging seminars that are approved by NEAA
  • Provide seminar participants with certificates of attendance (provided by the Vice President); all certificates not used should be returned to the Vice President or destroyed.

Any Speaker not following these requirements may be considered for removal from the Speaker list by the Board.

All Mentors and Speaker/Mentors in the NEAA Breed Mentor Program before April 15, 2007 will be grand fathered into the program without requesting approval. However, the items in this section, including the Mentor Code, apply to all approved Mentors and Speakers beginning July 1, 2007.