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The Association

The Norwegian Elkhound Association of America was admitted to the American Kennel Club in November of 1935, and each year thereafter a delegate has been elected to represent the Association at the AKC meetings. The Association was organized and continues to exist for the purpose of encouraging the responsible breeding of purebred Norwegian Elkhounds, developing and bringing to perfection their natural high qualities, and doing all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed in competitive events and as a companion dog.

The NEAA is a national organization, welcoming as members owners and breeders from the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries. There are fourteen regional clubs, which are also members:

  • Columbine Norwegian Elkhound Association
  • Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club
  • Greater Cleveland Norwegian Elkhound Club
  • Greater Milwaukee Norwegian Elkhound Association
  • Northeastern Illinois Norwegian Elkhound Association
  • Norwegian Elkhound Association of Minnesota
  • Norwegian Elkhound Association of Northern California
  • Norwegian Elkhound Association of Southern California
  • Norwegian Elkhound Club of Greater Houston
  • Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley
  • Norwegian Elkhound Club of Southern Michigan
  • Norwegian Elkhound Minuteman Association
  • Puget Sound Norwegian Elkhound Association
  • Sacramento Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club

These clubs hold educational sessions, sponsor matches and specialty shows, and are particularly concerned with Norwegian Elkhound welfare on an individual basis. Liaison between the parent club and the regional clubs is essential in promoting and protecting the breed.

The NEAA, whose management and government is vested in an elected Board of Directors, sponsors a National Specialty Show on even numbered years and a National Events Weekend on odd numbered years. As a service to members only, a bi-monthly newsletter is issued in which Association business is summarized, major show wins are tabulated, new litters are announced, and timely subjects discussed.