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Where To Adopt a Norwegian Elkhound

We would like you to consider the possibility of adopting a dog from our breed rescue effort. Norwegian Elkhound Rescue is our response to the need for homes for Norwegian Elkhounds. Unfortunately, there are always dogs of EVERY breed available and looking for homes. This happens for many reasons -- some the "fault" of the dog; more often than not, the "fault" of the owner. Some people react negatively to the idea of rescue. The response we hear too often, "We don't want somebody else's problem." In many cases, someone else's "problem" can bring joy into your life. Rescue dogs are not free. However, they are usually less expensive that a puppy. Generally, they're also available at more frequent intervals than puppies. Most rescue organizations only seek reimbursement of medical and/or maintenance expenses incurred during the care of a rescue dog or a donation to their rescue fund. Most rescue dogs are examined by a veterinarian, neutered or spayed as needed, and have received any necessary immunizations. Every effort will be made to make a satisfactory match between dog and owner.

Consider the intensive lifestyle, expense, and time involved in raising and training a young puppy.

 If you feel that an older dog...
  • already housebroken
  • with some training
  • needing continued love and attention as a special family member something you'd consider, then maybe adopting a Norwegian Elkhound is for you.

If you'd like more information on RESCUE, please contact one of the regional Rescue Coordinators listed below. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

GENERAL NOTICE: The Norwegian Elkhound Association of American does not involve itself in the actual rescue of any dog nor does it participate in the actual adoption of rescued dogs. The association may, at its own initiative, provide links to web sites which are not under the control of the Association, and inclusion of any linked site does not imply an endorsement or recommendation of that site, nor does the Association take any responsibility or warranty for information presented at these sites. The Association shall not, in any event, be liable for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits, or physical and medical condition of any Norwegian Elkhound obtained, adopted, or referred through information available on this web site. This web site provides only a contact point for the exchange of information between individuals and organizations interested in dog rescue. It shall be the sole responsibility of any individual to see and evaluate of Norwegian Elkhound made available for adoption as well as review for accuracy all information available about the dog before agreeing to the adoption. Those who choose to volunteer their time and effort in assisting a rescue dog do so entirely of their own accord and without express or implied direction from the Association, its members, or anyone indirectly affiliated with the Norwegian Elkhound Association of America.


    Norwegian Elkhound Association of America, Inc. 

            Rescue Coordinator -- Margaret Wiliamson  


    • Norwegian Elkhound Association of Northern California
    • Norwegian Elkhound Association of Southern California
    • Sacramento Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club
      • Corresponding Secretary -- Sue Green
    • Columbine Norwegian Elkhound Association
      • Secretary -- Robin Rhoden
        • (303) 463-5425
    • Norwegian Elkhound Club of Southeastern Michigan
      • Rescue Coordinator -- Lisa Piascik
      • Secretary -- Diane Coleman
  • OHIO
    • Greater Cleveland Norwegian Elkhound Club
    • Norwegian Elkhound Club of Greater Houston
    • Puget Sound Norwegian Elkhound Association
      • Rescue Coordinator -- Jan Herinckx
      • Secretary -- Evelyn Rheinschmidt


International Norwegian Elkhound Clubs

  • Norwegian Elkhound Association of America, Inc.
  • Norwegian Elkhound Club of Canada